This is the personal blog of Allister Jenks and supplants the long running SittingDuck.co.nz site.

The Sitting Duck name came out of a conversation with a colleague in early 2003. I already had my zkarj.co.nz domain for my aviation photography and wanted another domain for generally mucking around which was “either really clever, or totally meaningless.” The latter won. Now I’ve decided to retire the name and flip things around.

OK, so it’s not really clever but it is meaningful. The first post on the site is a repost of one from the Sitting Duck site and pretty much explains why this name came about. It won’t all be picking apart society and finding fault. I have been known to post lighter and just plain interesting stuff from time to time.

All my posts will have the comments open and I encourage everyone to have their say, no matter what their views. The comments are moderated and I do reserve the right to withhold comments that I feel are too off topic or getting too personal but opposing views are very much welcomed.